Representation before tax authorities and administrative courts

Communication with tax authorities and other agencies is one of the main reasons for our clients to outsource tax and accounting to an external firm. We support our clients and represent them in dealing with tax authorities and other government agencies, including support and representation before administrative courts. This leaves you with more time to concentrate fully on your actual business.

We provide the following services to our clients:

  • Communication with tax authorities during the course of local investigations, preparation of responses to challenges of the tax administrator
  • Support and assistance during audits of tax, social security and health insurance authorities
  • Preparation of appeals, representing clients before tax authorities on the basis of power of attorney
  • Management of processes triggered by tax authorities including all communication
  • Support in administrative proceedings and representation before an administrative court

In the area of tax consultancy services, we have much more to offer. Do not hesitate to approach us and talk to us about setting up our services.