VAT and customs consultancy

The accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union significantly influenced the Czech tax legislation and practical application of VAT. Whether you run your business in the Czech Republic or abroad, it is the appropriate method of implementing the VAT system which allows you to reach significant savings. LERIKA allows you to identify areas with potential risk and optimize VAT to ensure efficient daily operations of your business – from registering for VAT to a VAT refund.

What does LERIKA provide in the area of VAT?

  • Consultancy services focused on business operations in terms of Czech legislation; assistance with VAT registration
  • Consultancy aiming to achieve maximum deduction of input VAT e.g. in cases where the input VAT deduction is reduced as a result of exempt supplies
  • Restructuring of selected transactions in terms of VAT
  • Consultancy for foreign companies with respect to VAT refunds
  • Advisory services focused on VAT issues arising in transactions effected by Czech companies abroad including VAT registration in other EU states and other requirements associated with the right to foreign VAT refund
  • Preparing VAT returns of foreign companies registered for VAT in the Czech Republic
  • Customs consulting aimed at the use of different customs regimes from the point of view of benefits arising from the use of the given regime, special import regimes, customs warehouses, customs free zones, etc.
  • Consultancy and assistance in VAT refund

In order to make our every client fully satisfied we take for granted that our services will be fully tailored to your specific needs. Contact us and raise your questions – we will be pleased to come up with the optimal strategy for you and your company.