Compiling of tax returns

Assistance with the compiling of the tax return is indispensable to large companies and freelancers alike – in all these cases we will offer to you our deep experience and professional processing of tax returns for legal entities as well as individuals. This is a key offering among our tax services.

What we provide

  • Processing and filing of the tax return
  • Extending the deadline for filing the tax return and the payment of tax by 3 months
  • Reviewing the tax return prepared by the client

When compiling the income tax return we aim our attention at testing accounting areas that our experience shows as being key. The issues that we solve when processing tax returns include the following:

  • Review of specific accounting transactions, verification of accounting methods and other matters affecting the tax base and the actual tax liability.
  • Review of selected accounting documents (contracts, invoices, other documentation) with the aim of testing the system accounting deficiencies
  • Review of both tax deductible and tax non-deductible expenses
  • Review of business contracts that have a significant impact on allowable costs and revenues
  • Review of the depreciation policy including review of means of evidence of assets subject to dual depreciation, their putting into the use and tax depreciation
  • Review of all legal means to reduce tax base
  • Our deliverables include draft tax return for the period under review.