Taxation of expatriates

We offer tax consultancy services in the area of taxation of expatriates. We are ready to provide the assistance to expatriates sent to the Czech Republic in terms of preparation of their personal income tax returns in accordance with the Czech tax regulations. At the same time, we will arrange the time table of your business stays in order to ensure that your tax burden and social security contributions and health insurance will be as low as possible.

Services that we can offer to you

  • We will find a suitable  structure for the employment of expatriates and for their assignment to and from the Czech Republic
  • Providing consultancy and optimization in the area of social security and health insurance in accordance with your needs
  • Providing VISA, work permits and residence permits for foreigners
  • Preparing tax returns for expatriates

Have you not found the service you are looking for? In the area of tax consulting, we are ready to help you with any issue.  Please contact us and together we will find out the best way to optimize your taxes.