About us

We enjoy our work and we do it with passion. This is why we serve large Czech and foreign companies – the fact is that we are perfectly positioned to offer them tax and accounting services fully tailored to their needs. With quality and reliability that define us. Other areas of your business – trading, advertising, IT – are almost always handled by people with dedication. Make sure that this also applies to your finances!

We will provide you with:

LERIKA offers services of more than 15 professionals acting in the field of tax and accounting, who are in perfect position to use full breadth of their skills and experience in serving you. We are determined to always be one step ahead of our competitors – please contact us and see for yourself.

Why opt for LERIKA?

True quality – dedicated tax advisors
Even a great accountant cannot know everything the way a fully dedicated professional does. LERIKA provides a team of highly specialized professionals with many years of experience who are able to take advantage of all legal means to reduce your tax bill. This is how LERIKA can offer you a quick, high quality solution.

Solutions for you – we offer tailor-made services
We can provide the complete outsourcing of your accounting, but also assist you in just one specific area where you need our support. We do not offer standardized packages – our services are always tailored to your actual needs, providing true value. For us, accounting is not just about going through the motion of pre-defined administrative steps – in the course of our work, we constantly evaluate all the relevant aspects and look for details that could be optimized.

Easy communication – accounting that makes sense
We communicate directly with clients in order to be always able to immediately address their questions. This sets us apart from other consulting firms where the client is often sent from one narrowly specialized team to the next before finding the right one that will do the actual problem solving. We are proud of our ability to approach the client directly and with speed. This is also how we approach accounting – we do it on an ongoing basis so that it delivers a true and fair view of your business at all times.

What do our customers say about us?

  • “LERIKA helps us to keep accounts so that we make sure that we meet all the legal obligations without paying too much tax.”
  • “It was definite help that LERIKA professionals have great overview of the Czech and Slovak tax environment. It significantly contributed to reducing the cost of our Slovak branch. “
  • “It’s not just about price but let’s face it – price matters nonetheless. LERIKA was capable of offering services comparable to those of large audit firms but at a much lower price.“
  • “I appreciate that I can always dial someone who is willing to solve my problem directly.“