Payroll administration

As a part of its range of services, LERIKA also provides payroll administration. We are prepared to provide payroll administration for your employees including all the related administration, contacts with authorities and preparation of payrolls and payslips.

Ares that we will handle for you and you will no longer have to worry about

  • Calculation of salaries/wages  and preparation of payslips
  • Preparation of orders for the payment of wages and contributions
  • Preparation of forms for the social security and health insurance authorities and tax offices

Leaving the complete payroll administration to LERIKA professionals brings many further benefits. Based on feedback from our regular clients, we know that they appreciate mainly the following:

SECURED PRIVACY:  Payroll outsourcing protects the personal data of employees and prevents spreading of sensitive information among employees of the company.

TRANSFER OF RESPONSIBILITY: The whole responsibility for correct and timely processing of payroll remains with the supplier.

ENSURING QUALITY: The risk of penalization due to incorrect processing of wages remains with the supplier who has concluded appropriate insurance policy for this purpose.

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