Ongoing Tax Advice

Many of our clients use our services continuously – as soon as they have a question or solve a problem, they contact us. Based on the client’s needs we provide ongoing skilled advice in the area of tax & accounting. The services are most often provided on the basis of Q&A format; however, we are ready to tailor the services to your specific needs on a case by case basis.

This service typically includes the following:

  • Providing information on how to resolve tax and accounting issues in accordance with current legislation, including the expected development
  • Provide current and prevailing interpretations of certain parts of legislation
  • Review of contracts or business operations from a tax perspective
  • Assistance in solving tax problems and implementation of solutions based on client‘s specific conditions

We will arrange for you or your business also many other services – we also provide professional accounting consultancy. Simply contact us by using the form below or address us directly.