Property valuation

Thanks to our long-term cooperation with court-appointed valuation experts, we are capable of providing you with high quality expert valuation reports and opinions concerning real estate. Whether you need to determine the fair market value of property for sale or for the purpose of calculating real estate transfer tax, we will prepare all necessary deliverables.

Property valuation – mergers and de-mergers
At each business restructuring, whether through merger, de-merger or through any other way, the law often requires that assets of participating entities be valued by a valuation expert. LERIKA will handle not only preparation of valuation reports but will also take care of the relating tax and accounting analysis ensuring smooth completion of the business restructuring.

What can we offer to you as part of property valuation?

  • MERGER: Valuation of assets (net equity) of the company being wound up within the merger process
  • DE-MERGER: Determining the value of the assets being spun-off within the de-merger process
  • CHANGE OF LEGAL FORM: Valuation of net equity as at the date of preparation of project to change legal form

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