Foundation of a company

There are a lot of administrative procedures connected with the foundation of a company. Perfect combination of all these elements is the first prerequisite for the emergence of a successful business. We offer our services mainly to foreign entrepreneurs entering the Czech market. Thanks to the close cooperation with several law firms we will provide you with all the services associated with the foundation of the company, sale of the company or sale of ready-made companies.

Sale of ready-made company (shelf company)

  • Ready-made company is founded in order to be sold – it has its ID, name, registered seat, etc. but it does not carry on any activities. It is dormant and ready to be used by the buyer to start his or her business.
  • If you acquire a ready-made company, you will avoid the usual administrative procedures that accompany foundation of a new company.
  • We are ready to arrange the acquisition of a ready-made company for you from a reliable partner.

Whether you plan the foundation of a new company or the purchase of a ready-made company, we offer to take over all steps relating to the process.