Tax News – February 2021


TAX NEWS 26.02.2021.

Changes in tax depreciation

2021 Tax Package brought an increase in the threshold for tax depreciation of tangible assets. The increased threshold can be adopted for all assets put into use as of 1 January 2020. The threshold for what qualifies as a technical improvement of tangible assets has increased as well. For intangible assets, tax depreciation as such has been abolished in its entirety. You will find the full overview in the following article.

Extended deadline for filing property and road tax returns

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Finance has extended the deadline for filing property and road tax returns until 1 April 2021.  You’ll find more detailed information here.

Our path towards digitalization

The practice of keeping accounting books has been subject to a massive shift from reliance on paper form to the digital realm lately. We decided to share our observations and experience from this process in our article, which should serve not only a distraction from the usual discussion of tax regulations, but also as a useful lesson for your own digitalization process within your organization.