Support with the statutory audit of financial statements

Be ready for statutory audits of financial statements by having them prepared or at least reviewed by us. The professional advisor of the LERIKA Company will audit your financial statements and evaluate them from the point of view of their compliance with the true and fair view principle. Within the following statutory audit we will also handle communication with the auditor and will support you with implementation of requirements arisen from the audit.

We also ensure the smooth course of the statutory audit. How?

  • We prepare the accounting data and outputs in the form required by the auditor
  • We will take over communication with the auditor and interpretation of the accounting outputs
  • We will put in place an effective feedback process between the financial auditor and the accountant 
  • We will assist you with posting of adjustments required by the auditor

In case of your interest we can arrange services of a certified statutory auditor with whom we closely cooperate and guarantee his expertise and quality of outputs. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!